Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Arts Beats + Lyrics Exhibition


The Experience

When music meets art, a lot of sparks fly. When a drink such as Jack Daniel’s occasions it, there is much to enjoy. Imagine an atmosphere lit with words and beats. This event curated the raw talents of visionary artists and musicians who share the love of creativity.

This year's exhibition was another showstopper. The Jack Daniel’s brand has continuously paired together amazing art, music and whisky in the most imaginative way. They have geared their exhibition towards igniting a connection between each artist and the audience. Whether you experienced it in person or followed its progress, there is no denying that the event exceeded expectations.


Awesome Art

The Art, Beats + Lyrics showcased some extravagant arts pieces. Our very own @NJMike__ covered the event. Held at the Brooklyn Expo Center, one could help but notice the works on display coupled with the cool music serenading the atmosphere. If there was ever a time music and art mixed to great effect, the ABL exhibition brought it to the forefront. The art featured a lot of new entries from upcoming artists showcasing amazing works of art never before seen.


Blend of Music

Music makes any atmosphere pumped-up and filled with enough thrills and frills. Further, in the midst of so much beauty in the exhibition, the music, covering different genres including hip-hop and 'RnB' connected will with the works on display. Different musicians featured in the event brought life and vibrancy to an audience keen to join in the fun and taking in the scenes. It was all aesthetic and all but with a host as sly as Dres Tha Beatnik and enough coupled with great music by Pharcyde, Wally Sparks, DJ Reminise, and James Biko, there was enough to dance. Again, the evening's soundtrack was lit thanks to these artists. Arts, Beats + Lyrics kept the place bouncing with the audience eager for more.

A Whiskey Worth Remembering


The photos by @NJMike__ are awesome and represent the spectacle at the Brooklyn Expo Center along with Jack Daniel's once more surpassed itself in delivering fun and class. It's not just a refreshing brand anymore, but also one that encourages creativity and entertainment on many levels.

The drink choices were one of the highlights of the night with Jack, Jack Honey, and Lemonade even for the mildest of drinkers. Whatever the recipe, the audience had fun sipping their drinks and appreciating what was before them. There's more to come from this event in the future and you can enjoy and live up to the moment with your friends. Whether you enjoy art a little and have much flair for music, you are bound to have a great time mixing art, beats, and lyrics.

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