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Newark’s Creatives Take Over The MTV Awards

Newark’s Creatives Take Over The MTV Awards

● Newark is a city known for a variety of reasons, including hosting the famous sports team New Jersey Devils and birthing so many stars that have made the city a point of reference. Whether that's actors, musicians, and fashion icons, Newark has its fair share of representatives. The MTV Video Music Awards is case in point and had Newark’s creative sons take over the party. Such was the style and creativity that Prince Derek Doll, interviewing the celebrities and Skit the photographer, working the red carpet, oozed at the ceremony.

The clothes, the style and a whole lot more are nothing without the right persona to complete it. Further, a look that's stunning and fits the perfect profile for publicity deserves spectacular hands and eyes behind a camera to capture one for the ages. These sons of Newark not only grabbed the headlines but made statements with their talents and of course, sheer looks. What better way to represent where you're from especially when it's the city playing host to the awards?

Performers at the show included acts from Taylor Swift, Lizzo, Camilla Cabelo, Big Sean, A$ap Ferg, and others. Comedian Maniscalco gave the show an air of variety with his awesome performance hosting the Awards. But the center of attraction was Newark and how she performed and embraced the limelight.

Skit the Photography: Working the Red Carpet

Skit the photographer also known as @iamskit (it), noted for exquisite photos of stars and artists including

● Dave East

● Kenneth Faried. NBA Player

● Teyana Taylor

● Drake. Foremost artist and entrepreneur

● Migos

● Big Sean

● Tori Brix

● Yukon

Skit is also a Newark native who reps the city and New Jersey as a whole, with his unique style of photography.

Skit the photographer also has a goal to go into film production. Not so bad for someone well established in the art of producing outstanding images.

The Avid Professional

Skit learned to be the consummate professional from the Miami International University. There he studied the craft of digital media film and photography and has been shooting for five years. No doubt his skills developed through years of experience, coupled with his education, served him well, on the red carpet during the VMAs.

Something Bigger

Ever the character and cheerful personality, Phil has his sights set on developing a creative center for kids where they can home their skills and explore their potential. This initiative will also provide an opportunity for kids to learn of the stars that have gone on to make Newark a place to reckon with.

Prince Derek Doll

Effusive Style

Singer and songwriter Derek Doll stole some looks--including bemused ones, but as far as fashion goes, he pulled it off in some style. Sporting a bodysuit, he arrived with a composed look. His suit had panels revealing some skin and a feathered coat. It's worth knowing that the feathers, numbering 100 (bird feathers, that is) were matching colors to the black attire. To drive home his point and fashion sense was a pair of embossed black booties complemented with buckle closures.

With a high-flying style that's undoubtedly captivating, it's easy to lose focus on other parts of his body or attire. While sporting jewelry that was definitely unique, it is also noteworthy that there was also a great job done on his hair. His eyelashes weren't bad either and that's a huge compliment to his makeup artist.

The impact of his fashion sense resonated for quite the distance and he was placed on number 8 on Essence's Top 25 Best Dressed list. Not bad for a rapper. That position made him the highest-ranking male on the VMAs red carpet. This feat is sure to continue as Derek has asked his teeming fans to tag designers, stylists, and photographers they'd like him to collaborate with on his next event.

He also landed on the number eight spot of The Daily Beast's Top 9, on Instagram, between notable figures like Little Nas X and Todrick.

His Interviewees

One of the stars he interviewed on the red carpet was JuJu Castenada, a reality TV star and author. Even though many thought she was Gabriella Union, Derek was proud to have her speak to him. Derek was won over by JuJu's high and sleek ponytail and duly acknowledged her style. Other notable interviewees ranged between rap legend Wyclef Jean, to rising artists like Kash Doll and Bobby Lytes. Also, he described the session as "a dream". Not just for being selected as a reporter at the VMAs but to have also walked the red carpet before the entire world. It was akin to being breathless or flush with adrenaline, and he proceeded to thank Teshaun Glover and the Newark Times for facilitating his presence at the awards.

Prince Derek's Collaborators

MUA (Makeup Artist) - Mesha Wright (@mcwhands)

Prince Derek's stunning look was due largely to Mesha Wright who brought out his beauty and unique qualities. Every touch and glimmer came down to the smallest detail and Wright's hands weren't fazed by it all. It's a tribute to them that Derek dazzled on the red carpet.

Wardrobe - Eric Jernigan (@princee45)

Everyone must have wondered where such a flamboyant attire came from. They are from the stables of Eric Jernigan and it is certain that's not the last to be heard of them. It must have taken a creative mind to get something as form-fitting as that cloth on to a star like prince Derek. Well with both being 'princes' in their own right, it's no wonder their collaboration produced this magic. Eric Jernigan is also a native of Newark and his link-up with Derek is symbolic of the town ruling over such an event like the MTV Awards. It makes you wonder where the idea of 100 bird feathers came from. Derek or Eric? Either way, it was downright creative.

Hair - Sedrick Giacobe (@sedrix.b)

Sporting a golden blonde curly and high-like afro with a deep drop fade, his hairstyle was like a crowing feature to his overall look.

Jewelry - Marie Antoinette Yarrell (@marieantoinette65)

The blings were just as outstanding and no doubt carried a message because they were pieces of art and were complementary to the attire, as well as the personality of the wearer - Prince Derek Doll.

Shoes: Cape Robbin (@caperobbin)

Derek's boots are from the range of Cape Robbin. Equally as black as his bodysuit, the boots did showcase his taste in fashion. They looked totally cool on him. Embossed black and gold 5" heeled boots with buckle closures would ultimately look great on a star like him.

Photo Credits

Chances are you've come across host of images over social media shots by many photographers at the MTV Awards. Some of the brands responsible for show-stopping photos, including those of Prince Derek Doll include...

● Jim Spellman /filmmagic

● Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV

● Grace Dennis (@GraceTheDJ)

● Julian Rodrigues (@julianpatrickr)

How Newark Performed

Hosting its first MTV Awards show, Newark performed admirably (the water protest aside). With notable personalities from the city and media outlets gracing the occasion to make it the success it was.

Prince Derek Doll (@thederekdoll) may not originally be from Newark but it's one he identifies as home and which as returned the love in equal measures. He's seen as the quintessential, outrageous, one-off fashion star coupled with his hip-hop roots, although that wasn't the talking point on the red carpet.

On the flip side, Phil covered and worked the red carpet with aplomb and his list of clients is only set to rise with the kind of images he guarantees through professionalism and expertise.

In all, it was one hell of a show and a great addition to the area and no doubt Newark will keep playing host to more shows in the future.

It was a night that reinforced the fact that Newark is here to stay as a city of stars. With personalities like Prince Derek Doll and Skit the photographer amongst others, there's no stopping the creative movement.

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